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We walk your journey  / Charlotte's Mom (passerby)
I have walked your dark journey for many years. My daughter Charlotte Oliva died before she lived. My grandson Kyle died at 2 hours old. This past April my almost 19 year old grandson Mike died in a car crash. 
God never gives us a burden we can't handle, no matter what we think! The days will be dark but there's always a light for you when you trust in the Lord. Hand your burdens to God and he'll carry them for you. Time won't heal you & your family but the burden eases......a little. 
I wish all of you the Peace of the Lamb of God.
sorry for you loss  / Stacy Mom To Angel Amyia E. Thompson-moore (passerby)
as you said yourself ... this is a parents night mare , an to many parents are put through this event in one way or so.  I know your pain and am so sorry for your family's loss of such a younge and beautiful little lady. There is nothing anyone can say that will ease the pain you feel, just know we all pray for you and all associated with your family and time will be your own . in the way you heal and deal . For Me it is almost a year next month and i still feal as if it is today ... that day will always be in my mind and i will never beable to let go of what i saw ... or my own regrets. but when them falshes appear i try and replace them with the memories of my lovley little girl that bring smiles to my face and warms my heart.

My prayers are with you .
so sorry for your loss  / Julie (brooklyns Mom)
beautiful page..hugz
SO sorry for your loss  / Lisa (Mommy to angel Dylan )
I'm so sorry for your loss.  She was a beautiful little girl.  I lost my Dylan one year ago, he was 2 years old.  I know all to well what you are feeling and going through right now.  Just keep your faith in God and he will help you through this difficult time in your life.  Just know that we will see our precious angels again one sweet day!!!  My son also has a website.

                                                                                     God Bless 
Little Angel friends  / Laura Mummy 2. Angel Reece
Am so so sorry for your loss she is so beautifull, I'm hopefull that Hannah and my boy Reece are little friends,they would look so cute together being little Angel friends   
I feel your pain and the tears are steamin from me now, I always ask God for strenth to move though this empty time left, and i'll now be askin him to give the same to you and all your family and friends.

 She's so beautifull, Gods gardens must be too!

Forever in my thoughts

Massive hug to you all xxxx
Image of the Angels  / Terralynn Kristopher Verge's Mommy

Image of The Angels
Terralynn Verge 

Baby Hannah:

You were made in the image of the angels,
and all that was good up above.
A precious little star in the dark night,
Made with God's care, and with his love.

The day you were born he couldnt lose you,
For you were far to beautiful for earth.
He made a home by his side up in heaven,
You were taken by the hand after birth.

You said,
"I must not go and leave my Mommy!"

God said ,
"There is something that I must let you see.
Can You See that light shining down upon your mother?
She has a part of you for all eternity.
She will soon be in heaven here with you,
Come now lets go prepare her home.
For when the time comes for her to see you again,
She will realize that she was never left alone."

Written by
Terralynn Verge
For Kristopher and all Of Our Little Angels In Heaven

I know and understand your pain.  / Eva Bates (Passer by )
Your little Hannah is such a precious little angel, and just know she's in such great Hands right now. She will always be with you. When you feel that slight wispy breeze touch your cheek, its Hannah sending you a kiss from Heaven. After losing my daughter when she was born prematurely and died after a month in the NICU, I was so spiritually frazzled and tired. My faith in God was severely tested. I wanted to know it was all for real and not some hoax that's been played on us. I was scared that there was no afterlife. More for my daughter, Charlotte than myself. Slipping into that darkness was the worst time of my life. It wasn't until a friend told me to go back to mass every Sunday and listen to the readings, because God will talk to you. He did...every question I had for Him was answered in one of the readings. It is true that the Bible is the Living Word. If you find your faith being tested from the loss of your little Hannah, just know that God will speak to you and will help you thru these dark times. Listen as He speaks to you. Please take care of yourselves, and know that you are not alone in your pain. I cry everytime I see a new baby taken too soon. God bless you and your little Hannah.

Most sincerely,
I am so sorry for your loss!  / Lucinda~Gma2Angel Sheyenne Chappell (Angel Friend )
What a beautiful little girl.  I am so sorry for your loss, my family & I understand your loss.  We too lost a child.  My granddaughter was born still July 15, 2006.  It also is a day we will never forget and a pain we can not shake.  Like you we long to hold her sweet precious little body and only have empty arms.  I will keep you and your family in our prayers.  Please feel free to lite a candle for my granddaughter.

Lucinda Beard grandma 2
Angel Sheyenne Chappell
In Memory of your beautiful baby girl ~ she is now an Angel in Heaven ~  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (vistor)

So sorry for your loss  / Lisa Tylers Mommy
I just want to say what a beautiful little Angel you have. She is now in heaven playing with my baby boy Tyler and my nephew Dakota. Dakota died in 1997 of SIDS also, he was born on oct 23,96 and died four months later,i remember when that happened i couldnt believe it, i thought it was a dream, i felt so sorry for my sister, i wanted to take all her pain away, well now i know what she felt like when she lost her little boy, I lost my Tyler on November 20,2006 he lived for 11 hours he was our first baby and it took us 11 years to get pregnant with him, I thank God everyday for sending me such a beautiful Angel. It's so hard going on with life without my baby boy, but we have to keep the faith and believe in our hearts that God will get us through this,he dont put us through anything we cant handle. I know we question why this happened to us, but we may never know the reason. Just know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers God Bless you all and if you ever need someone to talk to just email me anytime ok? sending you lots of love and hugs, love, Lisa
I wish for you...  / Debbie, Momma To Angel Sophia Dillon
I wish that you didn't know the pain of losing a child.  I wish you had never experienced this.  I wish I could take all your pain away.  
I know how difficult it is to lose a baby.  My husband & I lost our second child on her due date.  The pain in my heart and the aching in my arms is still there, nearly 5 months later.
I will promise you that it does get easier.  Everyday that passes, I love my Sophie more, and everyday that passes, I miss her more.  But, with everyday that passes I feel a little better.
I promise you will, too.  

Losing a child is a tragedy no parent/family should have to endure.  It is absolutely senseless.  I am so very sorry you've experienced such a loss and please know that my heart aches for you.  If I could change this for you, and for every other mom who has lost their child, I certainly would.  

Wishing you peace during this very difficult time. (((Hugs)))
Deeply sorry...  / Patricia Dufour (visitor)
I offer my sympathies for the loss of your beautiful baby. You have created a wonderful site for her to be remembered.
I Am So Sorry  / Traci Barnai (mommy 2 angel vanessa )
I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful,precious daughter Hannah, my heart just aches for you and your family, I also lost my baby girl Vanessa in June/06 and since that day my heart aches like never before,the pain is so unbearable, I am a different person and it saddens me so very much 2 see all these lil babies leaving this world before they even had a real chance 2 live, I believe there is no heartache like the one of loosing a child, Your Hannah is one beautiful lil girl, now she is lighting up the sky with my Nessa, I pray they have found each other,that they are watching us from the heavens above knowing how much they are loved and missed and how they will be until the day we are reunited with our angels, and what a sweet reunion that will be, we will hold them in our arms once again but this time we won't have 2 let them go for there are no good-byes in heaven just eternal life, I will keep you and your family 4ever in my prayers and hold you's close 2 my heart, I pray that someday our hearts may find some comfort, Praying for some gentle days ahead,God Bless
Sincerley Traci
Mommy 2 an angel

P.S if you ever want 2 talk please feel free 2 email me anytime I am here for you, also please feel free 2 visit my precious angel anytime sending Love and hugzzz 2 u and your family!!!!

Even though they're gone
We're really not apart
For the LOVE we have for our angels
Lives deep within our HEARTS!!!!
Heaven is full of precious Angels  / Kathie Briggs

Hannah is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. You can tell she was loved and will be missed enormously. I wish I had some words of wisdom, something to offer a small bit of comfort. We lost a two year old granddaughter at the hands of another human and I choose to thank God for allowing us to know her and love her even for a short time. I cannot imagine life without ever knowing these little Angels. 

Your life was truly touched by an Angel.

Kathie J. Briggs
Grandmother of Angel Kelsey Briggs

Sweet Angel  / Donna Fitzgerald (Mommy to an angel )
So very sorry for your loss. What a pretty child she is.
I have you in my prayers, so hard this pain we carry can be, you are not alone. You are in the heart of every parent that has lost a child.
Your sweet Hanna has a lot of friends in God's play ground. I know my son will greet her.  Prayers and peace to all of you, Donna and Angel Christopher
Your precious little Hannah  / Jane Eisele (forum friend )
I could not pass by Hannah's site without leaving a note.

She is so perfect, so incredibly beautiful. She's so sweet to just look at. She can light up the world with her smile .  Please remember, She's with you always even though she lives in Heaven now.

I wanted to say something to comfort you, but instead........ I can only shed tears for the loss of this beautiful, precious little angel. 

I'm so very sorry. My heart aches so and I never even held her in my arms, how heavy must be your heart for having known her and having her in  your world.

God Bless you, and God please bless Hannah always. She naps in the arms of Jesus now, while angels sing lullabies to her.

precious angel  / Elisa Fastidio (web visitor )

for ur mom on mothers day,
 i know how much it lose someone we love so much, im not a mother yet, but im praying that it will not happen to another child. hannah is now at the Fathers Hand where she is happier now watching over you.. happy mothers day!! God Bless you always..

Precious Angel  / Allison Harris (Passerby)
What a precious angel your darling Hannah was, and now, forever will be.  Hannah please wrap your angel wings of love around your family and help them navigate this hard road as life continues without you.  There truly is no gift more precious than a baby's love and no pain more unbearable than the loss of a child.  I will lift your family up in prayer daily and thank you for sharing your precious angel baby's life.  RIP sweet Hannah.
My prayers  / LaShae Mommy To ^j^ Camden
My prayers are with you durring this time of sorrow.  I understand how you are feeling right now. My son was born Jan 10, 2007 and passed away Feb 15, 2007 due to SIDS.  I can't give you any advice that will help make it easier, all I can do is send you my love and prayers and offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. I won't tell you the days get easier, but the get tolerable. I still have to take it moment by moment. Allow yourself to grieve and cry.  My prayers and love.  LaShae mommy to an angel.
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