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Baby Hannah  / Rhonda Smith (passer-by)
I started reading your entries about Hannah...I am sitting here w/a swollen face from all of the tears! I cannot imagine what pain you have gone through..but I could certainly feel it through your words...God Bless your family and little can turn on a dime...we all tend to forget that.Thank you for sharing your memories of Hannah w/us...what a beautiful baby.
Baby- Girl  / Buffy Stahlecker Stephens (friend of her mother )
Susan  I just found you and learned of your baby's premature passing...  I am so so sorry for your loss. i can not understand your grief. but i understand what grief and loss feels like.  Some days for me its a day by day up hill climb.. Sometimes getting out is good therapy.   get together with some friends and have a cocktail or soda.
I"ll pray for you and your family before i go o bed.  that you will find comfort in the hands of your God and peace of mind that all is well.

Hannah is a beautiful baby- girl in your memory and The Lord has a special job for her she's just not in our world...  Dont lose your faith you have two amazing living young children who need you and their daddy.
It will get easier Hannah would want you to go on and later you will see her again and in a better place.

Sleep well Susan.. and know that i am praying for you maybe that will comfort you.

I am so sad for your loss Susan. i cry for you and your family.
Hug your boys a little tighter before school.

God Bless you

I'm here for you if you need someone o talk with or just cry.
love you
In memory of Hannah  / Melissa Kludt (Friend of a friend )

   Susan and Rick

My name is Melissa and I've been a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital for 7 years.  I work with Molly on Peds and also on 2nd floor with all the OB gals so I've heard Hannah's story through them.  I just wanted you to know that Hannah has touched me and made me more aware of SIDS and SIDS prevention with my own babies.  My heart aches when I look at her pictures.  I can only imagine how your hearts feel without her here.  God bless your family - Hannah will never be forgotten!

Melissa Kludt   

Remembering / Jennifer Hladky (friend)

Susan and Randy,


Yesterday was my Dad's anniversary, it has been 14 years.  In visiting Hannah's website tonight I find myself crying not only for you guys but also for the fact that my Dad never got to see my children.  I don't know why this happens, but I know that my Dad and Hannah watch over us and he is reading her stories.  They are in good company I BELIEVE!!  We will never forget and always cherish the moments we have.  Growing up he always made me giggle and feel safe, so I know he is helping her feel safe too!  We will see them again we just don't know when.  I do believe that when we do see them, we will understand things better, but unfortunately waiting is the hardest part!


In my thoughts ALWAYS


Happy Easter  / Angie Means (Angel Mom )

Happy Easter - Sweet Hannah!

Dearest Randy, Susan, Jacob, and Little One,

I think of you all every day - you are in my prayers always. I pray that we can all find peace and comfort, especially in this Easter season, as we strive to live without our dearest little ones. Know that you are thought of and loved by so many.


Happy Birthday, Precious Hannah  / Angie Means (friend)

Dearest Hannah,

How do I begin a note to a sweet little girl that has meant so much to my life in the past several months? I have so much to say, but not the words to speak, rather only tears through which you can hear my voice. Although I never had the opportunity to know you while you were here, I feel as though you are a very big part of my life now. I do not believe in coincidence or chance. I know that every move we make and contact we have is part of a greater plan that you can see and are a part of. Your life has become a piece of my puzzle. And my faith tells me that you will be there for me, along with my son, Jace, to guide my steps and cheer me on.

Your life. What an amazing earthly gift you were to your mommy and daddy and Jacob and so many others for such a short time. A gift that will live on in their hearts and the hearts of so many forever. We know that your life "is" ... it is not "was." You remain. And I don't just mean that you remain in our hearts, as a cliche. You really ARE. How fortunate for those to have been touched by your beautiful life. I can only imagine what your life is like now, being in the presence of God. You must think it silly. All of the tears. We just don't understand like you do. Help us to understand. I suppose it is unlikely we will grasp it all until we finally see you... until I finally meet you.

It is out of celebration of a beautiful life that we smile. A smile laced with tears. Nevertheless we can celebrate because we believe. We not only believe, but we KNOW that there is more than this life and that this is only the beginning. There WILL be a time when no mother's arms will be empty and no father will have to live without his little girl or boy.

Happy birthday, birthday girl. Sing pretty. Blow out all of those candles. Get messy with all of that frosting on your cake. I know that Jace is a guest at your party, and that makes me smile. It's kind of amazing when I think about your guest of honor, who's really at your party. Wow, you're lucky. I know you won't be the one making the birthday wish. We all will be down here. 

Happy birthday with all of my love,
Angie Means (Jace's mommy)

End of the year.....  / Molly Haas (Friend)

  As the year comes to a close~so many hard things have happened this past year.  As you look to 2008 I pray that it will bring you much joy.  
  We all know that Hannah will never be fogotten and the amount of sadness that if felt for her being gone may not lessen.  But do know that Hannah has touched many people, including me and my family. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and Hannah, my kids talk about her almost daily.  She is one special little lady :)  You are so very lucky to have had her as a part of your family. 
  My wish for this year is for one of happiness for you Randy, Susan and Jacob.  You are an inspiration to me and many I am sure.  But please know that if you need anything, anything at all I am here for you always.

Hannah's Smile  / Jennifer Hladky (friend)
Susan & Randy,

I was just visiting Hannah's website and Ethan came over and saw the picture's of Hannah and said she's got Jacob's eye's and nose and smile.....and then he said "She is sooooo cute!"  I thought that was so adoreable and just had to share that with you.

Kids sometime's say the most precious things....just like when he said that Jesus came down with His hand and scooped her up into Heaven.  It's so special how they see things.....

Thinking of you all during the next couple months....and always.    Keeping you in our hearts and prayers....

HUGS! / Jen Wright (Friend)
 sending hugs & happy thoughts to all of you!  Think of you & pray for you all the time!  Jen
Butterfly kisses :)  / Molly Haas (Friend :) )
Oh baby Hannah-you have touched so many in such a short time.  It is truely a blessing to me having known you :)  You and your mommy and daddy were so lucky to have you for a daughter.  I know that they are still hurting having lost something so precious...I know that someday you will be together again and what a happy day that will be :)   I was talking to Vicky yesterday in her back yard and we saw a butterfly and you know what Vicky said...."hello there Hannah"  and the butterfly flew over to the rose bush and angel that Vicky has in her yard. 
I hope you enjoyed the pictures that Logan and Sophie drew for you.  I gave them to your mommy for safe keeping.  Oh baby girl-my heart aches for your mommy and daddy. 
Thank you  / Angie Means (Mommy's friend & Angel Jace's mommy )


Over three days have passed since I met you and I have to say that there aren't too many moments that go by that you are not on my mind and in my heart. You and your family and precious little Hannah have touched my life so profoundly. You have given me a hope that I have not been able to see clearly in almost 11 months. You are right, Hannah is all around you. I believe that with all of my heart. I saw a falling star on Monday night and I thought of you, telling me to keep looking for you. Jace reminded me on Monday night that you are absolutely right. Sometimes I lose sight of that through all of the heart ache and sadness. I believe that I am going to make it. I don't think I've said that in 11 months either. But I know I can make it because I believe your friendship will help me through and it is in my heart to be there for you as well. I know that our little angels have brought us together in a friendship that will last a life time. It is an incredible bond that mothers of angels share. It is the greatest tragedy imaginable. Yet through this suffering, we can gain friendships, firmer faith, and the knowledge that angels do exist and that Heaven must be amazing. I cannot wait to get to know you better and to be there for you when life seems too overwhelming. I also look forward to sharing your happiness, because I have come to realize that all happiness will carry an emptiness and longing for our sweet babies. 

Susan, you are an amazing person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and friendship. My prayers are with you every day in hopes that peace fills your heart and that butterflies surround you every day.

Love always,

Our sympathy to you.  / Linda Means (Grandma to Angel Jace )
Dear Kirchners,  We were at the cemetery today to visit our grandbaby's grave.  Angie pointed out the little gifts there that are from you.  I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you are suffering through the same nightmare our family has been, but also want to thank you for being strong enough to visit with Angie.  Your babies brought you together to support one another.  Your memorial website is very befitting your beautiful little girl.  We will keep you in our prayers.
We know we will meet you in Heaven!  / Mark &. Debbie Kuchta (Friend)
We wish we could have met you here on earth, we will just have to wait though and see you as the same angel you were here on earth.  We know you are up in heaven looking after everyone ~ especially your mommy, daddy and big brother Jacob.  We pray for your family and know that the ache in their hearts will be there until they see you again in heaven.  You were and will always be an angel ~ with a perfect smile for everyone to remember~  I am glad your mommy & daddy took so many pictures of your beautiful angelic smile for everyone to see & remember always, even though we never met you, you have a special place in our hearts!
Thinking of You  / Becky Miner
I often think that my baby Kendra and Hannah could have grown up to be best friends....only 2 days apart. I think of Hannah often when I look at Kendra....I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through. Hannah is at peace smiling down on all of us now. You are and always will be in my thoughts...let's think of Hannah every time we are blessed with a beautiful day!
To the sweetest little girl I know  / Andrea Teusink (best friends with mommy and daddy )
Baby Hannah, you are the sunshine in your mommy and daddy's lives.  Keep them close to your heart as you watch over them from heaven.  You are so special and have touched so many lives. We love you soooo much! ~Aunt Andrea
One Day At A Time  / Carri Bornitz (friend of Randy and Susan )
Children are so precious and so is every moment you get to spend with them.  I do not believe it was Hannah's time to go.......but I do know that there is a special angel looking down upon us.  I pray for your family every single day, Randy and Susan.  Please take one day at a time and hope that your grief will lessen and soften as time goes by.  I love you all!
I am so sorry  / Mandi Sullivan (friend to angel Jace )
Kirchner's,  I am so sorry for your loss.  Hannah is such a beautiful baby.  Seeing those bright eyes breaks my heart for you more.  I am a friend to Angie Means and she filled me in on your heartbreak when she found out.  I was so devasted that it happend to another family.  No one should have to have their baby ripped from their arms.  I loved baby Jace so much and can't imagine how you feel.  I can only try to imagine and it is unthinkable.  I hope somehow someway you will get through this nightmare and someday will reunite with the beautiful baby you didn't get to see grow up.  God will carry you through this storm.  I just wanted you to know I think of you guys often and ask Angie about you.  I know this weekend is hard I hope you can find a way to smile at all the beautiful memories that you do have. God bless,  Mandi
Dear Baby Hannah  / Jennifer Hladky (friend)
Susan, Randy & Jacob,

I remember stopping by Vicky's one day after work to pick up the kids and Emma and Hannah were laying next to each other on a blanket looking at one another and smiling.  

It seems like a hour doesn't pass that I think of you guys and think how I wish she was here as I know you do also.  I know Emma and Hannah would have been the best of friends.  I just think she would not want us to cry as she is with Jesus and He is taking great care of her.  My heart aches for you guys.  Please know I'm here for you when ever you need a hug....  just let me know.


Jennifer Hladky
Sweet, Precious Little Hannah  / Karla Soukup
Hannah was born on my baby's birthday January 9, 1981. And he and his wife had a baby on February 13, 2007. Susan and I talked about babies and how excited she was to be a new mommy again, and I to be a Grandma for the first time. Every Tuesday when I babysit, Eli I think of Susan, and my heart aches for her. Hannah is looking down and smiling on you, she is your guardian angel.
Smiles / Dennis Burbach
I am a co-worker of Susan's and honored to be a friend of her's as well. I only wish I knew the depth of the constant pain and anguish that Susan, Randy, and the rest of their extended family must feel. I have prayed, as have many I am sure, that the heavy burden they carry could be lessened to some degree. I have told Susan, and will continue to do so, that we will not lose sight of the fact and promise of eternal life, and the glorious day when she is reunited with Hannah. I tell her that her tears of sadness and sorrow will be changed to tears of happiness. 

As I read through one of the many Memorial Candle tributes I found it interesting that baby Hannah smiled from day one! That is how I picture her right now, Susan, as she awaits your eternal reunion.
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